堅守信念 舜有希望 



安居樂業 靠共享成果


社會進步 靠堅守法紀


香港前途 靠一國兩制




Hopes and Beliefs

In recent years Hong Kong society has become very polarized.  It is difficult to make further progress on public livelihood and economic issues.  Some people have even resorted to extreme actions and tried to shake the foundations of our society.  I grew up in Kowloon West and have always served the people here in this district, while I have personally experienced many changes in this district and felt the warm feelings and hopes of the locals here.  Seeing that Hong Kong is undergoing tough times, I feel the same pain that many residents feel, but my beliefs have become even more determined.  Hong Kong was once glorious, but I believe that its best days are still ahead.  We should not lose heart no matter what challenges we face.  I will defend our values, work together with everyone and fight to create a better Hong Kong.

My Three Core Values

A peaceful and contended life require more economic fairness

For local residents to live a peaceful and contended life, we must insist on economic fairness so that everyone shares the fruits of development.  The HKSAR government has ample financial resources that should be used proactively to help solve the issues of poverty and to help the grassroots and the disadvantaged people in our society.  At the same time, we should proactively seek further development, open new lands and encourage technological innovation in order to create more job opportunities for local businesses, the middle class, the grassroots and young people.

Social improvement depends on law and order

It is the height of “privileged thinking” if someone thinks they can break the law and engage in violence just because they believe their “cause” is right.  Such disordered thinking is unjust, harms fellow residents and causes society to fall back into chaos.  I believe that we must follow the law no matter what.  Thus we uphold law and order in society and human rights for others.  We shall only use rational and peaceful means to push for social improvement.

The future of Hong Kong depends on “One Country, Two Systems”

”One Country, Two Systems” is the biggest guarantee of our society’s prosperity and stability.  No other system can possibly improve on it.  To give up on “One Country, Two Systems” is to pull down our defenses in such a way that Hong Kong will be pushed to ruin.  Only by sticking to “One Country, Two Systems” can Hong Kong have a future.

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